Truck Monitoring

Truck Monitoring

We offer sophisticated emergency response services via our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Centre (AMIC). GPS tracking and tracing enable us to monitor vehicles, containers and valuable cargo with the highest precision.

Truck Monitoring by The Cargo Security.Company

TCS is the European leader in logistics security services, offering active monitoring solutions that provide organizations with complete cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination. Using our customized asset monitoring portal we can actively monitor your cargo anywhere in the supply chain.

Passive Monitoring Service
Includes maintaining visibility of Customer’s subscribed fleet (in units) by TCS’ Monitoring center (“AMIC”). TCS will only act when an alarm is generated by Customer or Customer’s driver. Such act shall include contacting the driver and taking the following action when required: Contacting law enforcement authorities (LEA), intervention or initiation of Active Monitoring.

Active Monitoring
Includes keeping track of the agreed and planned route, rest breaks and overnight parking.

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