What We Do


Security Escort

Our core business encompasses specialized and custom security solutions delivering optimal supply chain protection. Our expertise extends from escorting transports in marked and/or unmarked vehicles to 24x7 European wide follow up and much more.

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Truck Monitoring

We offer sophisticated emergency response services via our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Centre (AMIC). GPS tracking and tracing enable us to monitor vehicles, containers and valuable cargo with the highest precision.

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Security Intervention

Due to a huge network of locally operated security companies connected to our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Centre (AMIC) we are able to offer effective electronic surveillance of your trucks carrying valuable assets and/or at risk cargo.

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Static Guarding

The presence of static security guards plays a major role in securing an object. Whether you are looking to secure your warehouse, screen personnel or implement new solutions, our qualified officers will assist you in retaining and improving the security of a premises.

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Secure Transportation

Fine-tuning the supply chain requires a comprehensive understanding of work flows, processes and timing. Relying on TCS SecureTransportation solutions managers will be able to focus on business continuity while we deliver your goods safely and efficiently.

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Security Consultancy

Safety and security start with an assessment of risks. Each situation depends on its circumstances and there is no one size fits all approach. In consultation with the client appropriate measures are taken to minimize and control risks in case of an incident.

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