Security Intervention

Security Intervention

Due to a huge network of locally operated security companies connected to our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Centre (AMIC) we are able to offer effective electronic surveillance of your trucks carrying valuable assets and/or at risk cargo.

Electronic monitoring of your trucks with valuable and/or theft sensitive cargo by an AMIC is only effective if a huge European network of locally operating security businesses is in place.

In case of a threat, suspicious situation or actual incident it is crystal clear the authorities have to be notified! But in case of a non-security incident such as a flat tire, full parking or simply bad luck it is important that the AMIC has a huge network of partners who will be to secure the truck (load) on the spot within a foreseeable future.

The Cargo Security.Company features a large European network of security partners who are able to act on the spot in the event of an (imminent) incident. We have been building and maintaining our network for the past 15 years and pride ourselves on providing outstanding service in cooperation with security partners all over Europe.

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