Security Escort

Security Escort

Our core business encompasses specialized and customized security solutions delivering optimal supply chain protection. Our expertise extends from escorting transports in marked and/or unmarked vehicles to 24x7 European wide follow up and much more.

Security Escort by The Cargo Security.Company

Together with our partners we provide escort services for more than a 1000 local and regional transports per month to and from European destinations; in addition we attend more than 300 international transports on a monthly basis.

Our success does not solely depend on the physical escort of vehicles, but also on extensive research prior to transport. We scrutinize the risk hotspots, safe and unsafe parking lots, suitable petrol stations, GPS/GSM black spots, road works and emergency services such as police, fire brigade, medical services, truck repair shops and so on. The results of this preliminary investigation are integrated in custom policies and procedures.

All vehicles of The Cargo Security.Company are less than four years old and equipped with the latest GPS vehicle monitoring system connected 24x7 to our Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Centre (AMIC) with European wide emergency follow up. We go the extra mile by equipping our vehicles with GSM, photo and/or video recording. can deploy around-the-clock transport security professionals all over Europe. In case of an incident they immediately report to AMIC instantly activating the services of local police and related authorities.

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