Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy

Safety and security start with an assessment of risks. Each situation depends on its circumstances and there is no one size fits all approach. In consultation with the client appropriate measures are taken to minimize and control risks in case of an incident.

Security Consultancy by The Cargo Security.Company

When it comes to security we never take anything for granted. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To ensure optimal protection official procedures and contingency plans should be considered just as important as the security measures in place. We will help you minimize potential hazards and integrate security protocols without compromising your business efficiency. will provide you with proactive business advice in the field of international transport and logistics. By conducting an Internal Security Audit (ISA) our certified experts examine all security aspects within your company.

During such an audit five ISO standards (9000-9004) - commonly known as ISO 9000 - are applied. You may use our report and certifications to prepare for the new international security standard - ISO 28000/28001. We will be happy to take your inquiries and guide you through this process.

In addition we are able to assist your company in obtaining the renown TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) certifications aimed at High Value Theft Targeted (HVTT) assets:

  • Freight Security Requirements (FSR) 1
  • Truck Security Requirements (TSR) 2
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1 Minimum standards for security and industry best practices for facilities storing and handling HVTT assets; they also specify the proper methods for maintaining those standards.
2 Minimum standards of security and best practices for over-the-road carriers of HVTT goods.