Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation

Fine-tuning the supply chain requires a comprehensive understanding of work flows, processes and timing. Relying on TCS SecureTransportation solutions managers will be able to focus on business continuity while we deliver your goods safely and efficiently.

Secure Transportation by The Cargo Security.Company

Modern multinationals give top priority to process control. From automation to production, from financing to sales, from logistics to warehousing. Within this comprehensive process of fine-tuning, more and more decision makers are discovering that the transport of their valuable, high-tech or theft-sensitive goods form a threat to business continuity. More than once, the careful surplus value in all other parts of the production chain is completely destroyed due to loss and theft during transport.

Unfortunately freeway crime is booming. Tempted by trucks that generally show their goods openly on the side as advertising, criminals are striking more often and with more violence. Solving this logistic security problem is the ultimate core business of hauler TCS SecureTransportation.

Transport with a no. 1 security status
Transports with no. 1 security status comprise the daily business of TCS SecureTransportation solutions, a specialized company. Particularly for the ICT, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, we compose security transport solutions that bring your valuable products, low key, through Europe. An approach that encouraged particularly multinationals in the ICT, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry to decide to appoint TCS SecureTransportation Solutions as their preferred supplier. But also high-risk documents and other industrial goods deserve top priority secure transport.

The right truck for the right value
The primary focus in TCS SecureTransportation Solutions’ approach to transport is to use vehicles that match the quality and quantity of your valuable transport. We do not transport ten high-quality hard disks in a trailer, but in a suitable means of transport, thus immediately lowering your transport costs. But this approach also forms a successful diversion aimed at misleading freeway criminals who are becoming increasingly bolder. In addition, smaller transport units can drive longer than the traditional truck. Because it is precisely when the driver stops that the "bad guys" strike. In brief, a second possibility of decreasing the chance of a hold-up.

Trained and certified security drivers
The specialized security transports of TCS SecureTransportation Solutions are based on the uncompromising cooperation between man and equipment. With the aid of small, inconspicuous transport units, we bring your high-risk products to any location in Europe, complete and intact. But TCS SecureTransportation puts just as much time, money and effort in the specialized security drivers who transport your goods. Each and every one is a trained and certified security agent who can boast years of experience as a driver for European transports. Drivers who effortlessly combine driving and security and consider your valuable cargo as the most valuable property.

Technology serves your valuable transport
TCS SecureTransportation utilizes the latest resources for providing your transport with the stamp "100% secure". Examples include advanced GPS solutions and tracking & tracing equipment that can report the status of your important transport at any given moment. TCS SecureTransportation can also inform you that we have watertight agreements with the top-quality, recognized international control rooms, with support centers in more than 17 countries in the event of disaster. See: Truck Monitoring

Highest level certification and protocols
TCS SecureTransportation fully meets the stringent TSR1 requirements set by TAPA EMEA for the safe transport of valuable goods. The European organization TAPA EMEA is a platform for multinationals with high transport risks and logistic safety experts. Therefore all our TCS SecureTransportation vehicles are TAPA TSR1 certified.

Overnight storage in accordance with TAPA EMEA norms
Safe transport and warehousing are closely related disciplines. Therefore TCS SecureTransportation takes a wide view of its service. For warehousing conforming to the stringent TAPA EMEA norms as well, you can also knock on TCS SecureTransportation’s door. The TCS SecureTransportation facility is TAPA FSR B certified.

The transport of your valuable products and documents deserves top priority on your agenda. High-risk transport is increasingly becoming an issue on a boardroom level.

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