There will always be someone who says they can do it cheaper …

There will always be someone who says they can do it cheaper …

Published by Jaco van den Berg

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There will always be someone who says they can do it cheaper …

We were 65 Euros more expensive for an escort job from Brussels (B) to Neurenberg (D), so this customer awarded an equal security party – although in the perception of this customer - with this security escort job.

Just 75 kms after departure from Brussels Airport the security escort had to buy some fuel. So apparently, they left without a full tank (!).

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The moment the escort team stopped at a nearby gas station, they could not contact the truck driver because they had no cellphone number obtained on departure. So obviously they left without a proper “handshake”, exchange contact details, discussed route, stops etc. Because it was very early in the morning, they also could not reach their customer or the trucking company. This tells us they didn’t setup an effective escalation process.

The truck didn’t stop – also because the driver was not aware of the fuel stop of the escort vehicle – and continued driving. After the mentioned fuel stop, the escort vehicle tried to catch up with the truck but had no clue about the chosen route and possible stops. Three hours later, the truck driver did stop for its 45 minutes break, but the security escort was not aware of this break, so they passed the parked truck and drove full speed to the end destination.

When the security escort arrived at the end destination, they inquired about the truck, but the truck was not there yet. A security incident escalation was raised immediately.

The buyer panicked; “Where is the FTL truck with 10M+ USD worth of my theft sensitive product” Nobody had a clue, also the escort company didn’t have a 24/7 control room which could monitor the truck.

The escort decided to start looking for the truck, but of course they didn’t have a clue where to search. Early in the morning the truck arrived at destination – without the escort -.

The buyer was furious, the selected freight forwarder had a serious compliance issue, and the escort company did not get paid, as they delivered a very poor service! Eventually the buyer contacted us and selected our company as their preferred security escort provider for all their European escort jobs.

The moral of the story ……. Look before you leap!