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Security Plus Transport

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Security Plus Transport

Security + Transport = The TCS Secure Transportation Solution! The Cargo Security.Company is an international security organisation focusing specifically on transport and logistics security for cargo that is very valuable and/or prone to theft. We are not a transport company and we don’t intend to become one.

However, at the request of two customers we have recently bought six nondescript vans (type VW Caddy, VW Transporter and VW Crafter) and have fitted these with numerous security features according to the latest TAPA TSR1 requirements. For these specific customers we carry out national and transnational transport assignments, with qualified security staff driving the vehicles and our own certified incident centre monitoring the trips 24/7. This way we combine Security and Transport – and ensure (substantial) financial benefits because no separate security escort is necessary.

It is an accessory activity for us, but just like in everything else we do, we aim to for a maximum of professionalism and reliability in this business line as well. This was one of the reasons we applied for a NIWO Euro licence, which we obtained after a comprehensive audit. The Dutch National and International Road Transport Organisations (NIWO) has for many years been the agency tasked with issuing licences for road transport.

Based on the applicable Dutch laws NIWO issues licences to companies who are active in road transport, NIWO frequently checks if these companies comply with the four requirements named in the law: creditworthiness, reliability, professional competence and actual establishment.

Should you have transport assignments requiring vehicles with for instance a tail lift, or if you need several trucks/trailers, we are also able to help you out. TCS works with a large European network of TAPA TSR certified transport companies – in case Security is a real priority!

If you are interested in this TCS Secure Transportation Solution, please contact us via phone at +31 10 3510202 or drop us an email.

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