Acquisition of ISRM Group

Acquisition of ISRM Group

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Acquisition of ISRM Group

Rotterdam, 5 July 2017. The Cargo Security.Company (TCS), a European leader in transport and logistics security services, today announced its acquisition of security solutions company ISRM Group The Netherlands and Croatia. The acquisition enables TCS to further customize comprehensive supply chain security solutions for the distribution of valuable and at-risk cargo.

This acquisition combines the power of TCS’s European security escort and secure transportation activities with the large GPS monitoring and security intervention network ISRM Group operates. In combining ISRM’s creative and customized services with our European network we believe we can offer unique solutions to the European secure logistics industry.

- Jaco van den Berg, managing director of TCS

ISRM Group was established in 2011 to meet the ever growing demand for high quality and versatile logistics solutions for the electronics, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. The security solutions business, which includes on-site risk management, 24/7 truck monitoring, manned escorts, in-house GPS R&D technology and security risk assessments, now serves the high-tech, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and government sectors.

Everyone at ISRM is excited about our future as part of an organization as strong as TCS. We are looking forward to joining forces with TCS in the interest of all our customers.

- Petar Šesto, founder of ISRM


TCS is a leading European provider of security solutions to the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Sectors. Services include security escorts across Europe, the CIS and Russia and TAPA TSR1 compliant vans for transportation of valuable goods


ISRM provides customized security solutions for national and international distributions flows of valuable and/or at risk cargo. It focusses on 24/7 truck monitoring and European-wide security intervention. For further information please contact TCS office manager Stephanie van Noord via phone at +31 10 3510202 or e-mail at

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